Know More School is CSR initiative by Y-Axis Foundation with an aim to create Digital Citizens.

We sets up free-to-use computer labs for students in economically backward areas. As technology advances, those who cannot keep up are left way behind by the rapid rate of innovation. While one section of the population uses smart phones and technology as an extension of their lives, another section of the population struggles to keep up, cannot afford to upgrade their skills and are eventually left behind as disadvantaged and economically backward.

KMS is our way of trying to bridge the technology gap between these two sections of society.

We create an infrastructure-rich environment, where students can easily learn through free, credible online resources and gain skills that make them employable in emerging tech industries. Students enrolled in this free programme also get an access to Career Counselors assisting them with the knowledge, expertise and capabilities required for global mobility and employability. Through their initiatives they hope to equip students with domain expertise and employability boosting skills.

KMS currently operates in three schools in Hyderabad and educates hundreds of school children per year from Grades 1 to Grades 10. KMS provides the infrastructure, the content and material and the tutors. Y-Axis Staff also volunteer on rotation as part of their CSR.

  • 200+ Computers deployed
  • 2500+ Digital Citizens created
  • 3 Computer labs in neglected areas

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