Our Philosophy

Y-Axis’ CSR policy is structured around two causes we feel strongly about - healthcare and education. We invest in, partner with and support initiatives that focus on these two areas. We are also very passionate about working with children. Our CSR initiatives are currently limited to the following:

Know More School is an initiative where we set up computer labs in economically backward schools. We focus on improving employability of students from neglected areas by using technology. We aim at creating an infrastructure-rich environment, where students can easily learn through free, credible online resources and gain skills that make them employable in surrounding tech industries or becoming self employed as entrepreneurs. Students enrolled in free programmes also get an access to career counselors assisting them with the knowledge, expertise and capabilities required for global mobility and employability. Through their initiatives we hope to equip students with domain expertise and employability boosting skills.

Xavier Augustin Education fund is an initiative where we pay for education for children from Grade 1 to Grade 10 in small private schools close to slum areas. These children are the poorest of the poor and usually are orphans or children of widows.

Heal-a-Child Foundation is an initiative founded by our COO Sabina Xavier. The NGO operates out of Y-Axis premises and is also supported by way of sponsorships and donations. It pays for treatment of very poor and critically ill children whose parents cannot afford to clear their hospital bills.

U.S. Education Advisory Centre is the latest addition to our CSR activities. It is part of a collaboration with the US Embassy in India and is unique and one of its kind, a pilot project involving the US Embassy and a Career Consultant. The Center will provide FREE and unbiased counselling and guidance for students wanting to study in the USA. Our Founder and CEO, Xavier Augustin is a graduate from the University of South Carolina and also an Alumni of Harvard Business School. He is a strong advocate of US Education, believes in the value it brings to a student and how it can benefit the student and the community.

Founded in 1999, Y-Axis is India’s No.1 overseas career consultant. Y-Axis has counseled more than 10 million individuals seeking to work, study or settle abroad and successfully helped thousands of them achieve their global aspirations. Y-Axis’ mission is creating a borderless world that encourages diversity and allows a free flow of labour, knowledge and ideas to any country where merit and expertise are recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

Our Initiatives